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Which day of the week was 1560 JAN 1?

Weekday Calculator, Swedish and Finninsh calendar

By using this calculator you can find which weekday was or will be in any date between 1 JAN 1 and 31 DEC 2200. Yes, now from the year 1! This is only for Swedish and Finnish calendar.

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More about Swedish and Finnish calendar (in Finnish, will be translated)!

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Calendars in Sweden and Finland during the years

Julian calendar I

Julian calendar was in use until 28.2.1700.

Swedish calendar

Unique Swedish calendar was in use from 1 MAR 1700 until 30 FEB 1712 (2 leap days in Febryary 1712!).

Julian calendar II

Julian calendar was in use again from 1 MAR 1712 - 17 FEB 1753.

Gregorian calendar

1.3.1753 Sweden adopted the Gregorian calendar in one step, with Wednesday, 17 February being followed by Thursday, 1 March.

Double calendar

Between 1809 and 1917 Finland was an autonomous part of the Russian Empire The Gregorian calendar remained official in Finland, but some use of the Julian calendar was made. The government documents in Finland were dated in both the Julian and Gregorian styles.

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