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Cousins multiple ways ?

You can be related to the one person in multiple ways.
With this tool you can calculate cumulative summ of cousinhood.
Write to each cells how many times you are related at this level.
'sibling 0R' means sibling.
'sibling 1R 'means child of sibling.
'4.cousin 2R 'means 4th cousin, twice removed.

How to find your grandmother?
- There are two meiosis (two generations) between you and grandmother.
- You can take Identical 2R or 2 lines down from Identical 0R.

All relations are summarized with the square root of the mean of the squares of the averages
All results are accurate as averages, but just for fun, because averages are not the truth.
You can find that relations with 5th cousins and farther are quite meaningless.

Sibling, twin,
child, parent
Double cousin, aunt, uncle,
Cousin, great-
Half cousin,
2. cousin
3. cousin
4. cousin
5. cousin
6. cousin
7. cousin
8. cousin
9. cousin
10. cousin

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